SL Metaphors – Slogans

This is just too funny:

Here’s my favourites:

  • Have a Break. Have a Second Life.
  • Come Fly The Friendly Second Life.
  • Second Life Is Our Middle Name.
  • Get Second Life or Get Out.
  • Nobody Does It Like Second Life.
  • Have You Had Your Second Life Today?
  • A Second Life Is Forever
  • Better Living Through Second Life.
  • Only Second Life Can Prevent Forest Fires.
  • The Future’s Bright. The Future’s Second Life.
  • Time To Make The Second Life.
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3 Responses to SL Metaphors – Slogans

  1. SignpostMarv says:

    And another few:
    Try Second Life, You’ll Like It.
    You’re in Good Hands with Second Life.
    The Second Life Of Paradise.
    Dude, You’re Getting a Second Life!

    This one’s aimed at griefers: “Only a Fool Breaks the Second Life.”

  2. amethystdefarge says:

    One for Marv ROTFL
    I Wish They All Could Be Signpost Marv Girls.
    and for SL
    Get The Second Life Habit

  3. amethystdefarge says:

    Kai :)
    I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Kai.
    Jay LOL
    Whatever You’re Into, Get Into Jayjay.

    All Mental Mentor, All The Time!
    The Spam Effect!

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