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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’re probably aware that I put up a rather minimal webmap API under the SLOpenID banner a while back. The development of that API was discontinued after Linden Lab pulled the bloated javascript file that enabled me to get the co-ordinates for all the regions in Second Life.

Recently however, I was poking around Linden Lab’s current API, and noticed the caps URLs for getting the name of a region found at the given co-ordinates. After a little poking around, I’d managed to put together a script to use Linden Lab’s API to exhaustively search the grid for regions. In a previous post, I explained I’d been scraping the new google appliance-powered search application for all kinds of data. This gave me a large amount of regions to play with, the new script will allow me to get a more complete picture of the grid. Unfortunately, my liberal estimates indicate the script probably won’t be finished till new year’s day (though I’ve never been good with time)- so if anyone at Linden Lab is wondering why there are lots of requests coming from my server, now you know.

Why reinvent the wheel?

The length of time the query is going to take the finish is an example of why I’ve made my own version of an SL Map API- you can only get the position of one region at a time. Because I’m more of a server-side coder than a client-side coder, my client interface for the API isn’t as fancy as the Linden Lab interface (which uses a combination of 4 seperate scripts). I’m hoping some savvy JS coders out there will pick up the slack and make some nice interface scripts :-)

Documentation for the API is available on the SL Wiki.

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    There’s no need in G appliance (and it is NOT the best solution, btw). Also, our team is working on multiple applications for VW’s and MMO, maybe you’d like to participate? e-mail me then.


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