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Charles Stricklin

Episode 2, regarding the choice of jazz music

Next comes the choice in music. Some people loved it, most people hated it. While I may find a more up tempo song, it’ll definitely be a jazz piece, and not some techno song. One reason is because everyone uses techno for their bed music, and I’d like our podcast to be unique. Another reason is the connection between WordPress and jazz music. Matt Mullenweg is a jazz music aficionado, and he times the major releases of WordPress to coincide with the birthdays of legendary jazz musicians, adopting their names as the code names for that particular release. So you see it’s only fitting that our WordPress podcast has a jazz feel to it.

Episode 33, regarding the choice of rock music

By going to the show builder lite, I had to redo the intro and the exit where it fades down to zero before I start my thing. So I figured since I was already going to be redoing it, recutting it, I might was well change the music, and I’ve changed it to a kind of a rock music that fits with another of my podcasts that I do- podcast planning found at podcast planning.com which is also terribly, terribly out of date but I hope to be picking it up soon- and anyway, I’m hoping to brand myself with that music, so you’ll notice that change.

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