blog-fu solution to alert request feature and semantic replacement

The past several weeks I’ve been unable to get in-world, so I’ve been making little if no progress on the alert request service. I have however been able to work on the semantic replacement. One of the topics that came up in my rants, conversations & internal dialogue was how the notes feature is similar to the feature request that the alert request service be able to leave notes on Residents and the requests they’d triggered.

At one of Everett Linden’s recent Office Hours, I’d ranted about how useless the current implementation of Linden Lab’s “notes” feature was. One of the reason why it (along with the rest of the in-world data) is useless is that you can only view or edit the information from inside the viewer.

While the alert request service is pretty much an internal thing- in the sense that you can only use it from within the website- call has been made to allow people to respond to calls directly through the viewer (and not via uBrowser). So it would be nice to not force users of the service to interact with it in a single way.

So here’s what I’m thinking. Why not use existing blogging interfaces to allow Residents to remotely create and modify their notes and picks ? To do this, I’ll be attempting to implement an XML-RPC interface- similar to those used by all the well known blogging platforms. What this means is that instead of being forced to log onto the site to leave a note or creating a custom API for LSL scripts to talk to, I’ll be offering an established API so people can use their existing remote blogging tools to access and modify the information.

Unfortunately for the SL picks, this’ll be a little tricky. Linden Lab doesn’t provide any unique identifiers for picks, so forking existing picks data onto the blog-esque system may prove troublesome. Another thing is that since I don’t use libSL and I don’t ask for your Second Life passwords, you won’t be able to edit existing picks or access existing notes from inside the viewer. However, if the experiment is a success, it may prompt Linden Lab to stop partying like it’s 1999 and open up the data to the outside world. Or hire me to do fix it :-P (one can only dream)

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  1. vint falken says:

    Sounds interesting… *goes to read the wiki*

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