Marv's new computer fund

Like a lot of people, I feel a bit odd about asking for charity. But there comes a time in a geek’s life when he has to swallow his pride and ask for help.

Some of you may know that a while back, I started having issues with my ATI graphics card screwing up. On the advice of friends, I elected to get myself a relatively beefy GeForce card. More recently however, that card started screwing up- causing my system to freeze and/or crash any time the system was taxed.

After talking with the manufacturer and retailer it seems that yes, there was a hardware fault with the graphics card. However, what I did find surprising is that my system still freezes and/or crashes. This means that either the graphics card damaged the motherboard permanently, or two graphics cards from entirely different product lines have the exact same fault.

I can’t do any in-world work in Second Life, which ironically enough is where my most high-paying work comes from- if I could get into SL without a problem, I could probably get enough work to buy a new computer myself. However, if I could get into SL without a problem I wouldn’t need a new computer.

The basic gist is that I can’t do any of the work I enjoy most- helping people out with in-world projects and gadgets. Therefore, I’m asking for help. My income doesn’t allow me to buy a new computer in the near future, or any future for that matter. The obsolete computer was purchased nearly 6 or 7 years ago with a public grant, and this computer was purchased with money I earned through working in Second Life.

I can’t currently do the work I do that benefits the community, and with SL5B coming up it’s going to be a big pain as I can’t exactly camp out at a friends house for 3 months and use their computer all day. So I’m asking for help. I would be grateful for any donations people could send me towards getting a new computer that would enable me to get back inside Second Life and help out the community as well as giving me a more stable, reliable system that lets me do the web-based work without interruption.

To facilitate the donations, I’ve added a paypal donate button to the sidebar- L$ donations would be welcome as well, but I’d prefer PayPal as L$ donations be a lot harder to keep a track of, and there’s also the matter of cashing them out and converting to sterling- a sizeable chunk of any L$-based donations would be taken by banks. My gratitude to any and all who contribute. There could be a highly scripted gadget in your future.

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  1. thaumata says:

    I’m late to this party, since your tweets would indicate you’ve solved this problem. I’m not in a position to give money to anyone right now, with two sick parents and my not having worked in six months, but you know, if I had any, I’d have shared it. You’ve always been a really great contributor to the grid and work endlessly on projects that benefit everyone. It’s hard to ask for cash (I know, as I’ve been doing it recently myself) and I’m really glad to see you got it all figured out.

    Happy coding. :)

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