inSL document oddness

  1. Your use of the inSL logo must be in strict compliance with the Guidelines for Using the inSL Logo,

    The inSL signup form requires you indicate that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions, as well as stating that you have read and agree to the guidelines. However, as point 3 of the t&c says that the use of the logo must follow these guidelines, making the extra check box seem slightly redundant.

  2. upon Linden Lab’s request, you shall supply Linden Lab, at no cost and with no obligation to return, suitable specimens of your use of the inSL logo to verify your compliance with this License.

    No example of such a specimen is provided, though one can assume this might something as simple as a video/screenshot (for digital uses), photo or scan (for physical uses). However, if the use is on a website, I’m wondering if a simple link to the website or in-world location (which is requested in the signup form) would suffice- I mean it’s better to see implementations live than it is to see something that could be photoshopped.

  3. This License is valid for one (1) year from the effective date of execution unless earlier terminated as provided in this License.

    The previous point regarding the review process allows Linden Lab to revoke the license at any time (given good reason), so I’m guessing the 1-year period is because this is a new thing. Glad there are no license fees though (yet).

  4. Display the inSL logo only on communications or items that relate to the Second Life world. Never use the inSL logo to indicate your connection to another virtual world.

    One can assume that this means that the inSL logo can’t be used to say OH HAI! I R IN TEH OPEN SIM, only Linden Lab’s implementation of Second Life.

  5. Do not make any changes to the logo artwork except proportional resizing.

    Sure, as long as I can has SVG.

  6. Do not animate, morph, or otherwise distort the logo in proportion or appearance.

    redundant fun. If you can only rescale the image (e.g. retain the same aspect ratio), then you cannot distort the logo in proportion

  7. Use the color inSL logo only on a solid white background.

    Use a minimum clear space (or space with nothing but the background) of at least one-quarter (1/4) the height of the inSL logo around the entire logo.

    If Linden Lab wants to be that picky about how the logo is used, include the white background and margin in the logo itself.

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2 Responses to inSL document oddness

  1. Vint Falken says:

    I wonder, did they not forget LSL­™ in their list?

  2. I am wondering about parodies. Doesn’t copyright law allow you to modify trademarks to make fun of them? Look at for example.

    I am wondering if they really expect everyone to take the logo down after a year. That would be a bit crazy. Are we still allowed to use the original logo provided for fan sites? I don’t recall all of this registration, confusion, and stringent rules about it.

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