No longer working on SL's 5th Birthday

I regret to announce that I am withdrawing from my position as organiser of SL5B, due to irreconcilable differences between myself, Dusty and Everett Linden over ethical issues, and the degree of Linden Lab involvement in what is a Resident-ran event (and has been for at least the last 3 years).

I will continue to provide my technical expertise and support the other Residents involved with the event, but I cannot in good conscience support Dusty nor Everett directly.

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7 Responses to No longer working on SL's 5th Birthday

  1. Nethermind Bliss says:

    Well done, sir.

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  4. Taco Rubio says:

    I’m gravely concerned that it’s news to you that Everett Linden is not the person to rely on for moral behavior! :(

  5. Geoff Gavaskar says:

    Jeez Marvin…this totally sux0rz! I just wanted to thank you for your support the last couple years…it was great working with you and your fantastic energy and organization skilz. I guess I won’t be participating in SLB5 for the same reasons…even though apparently SL has decided that I CANNOT participate because I am a 16 y/o avatar. Phooey on them–I’m gonna REFUSE to participate…now wot they gonna do?

  6. RavanSky Cardozo says:

    Loki you rock and your the best kid in SL.

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