OGP – Why live on Agni ?

Now I realise this question is probably aimed at the more technically minded (since the software isn’t exactly user-friendly yet), but when OGP eventually gets to the point where it’s as trivial as clicking a link to teleport between grids, and Agent Domain gets to the point where you can IM your friends & groups without being rezzed on Agni, how many of you are going to move out of Agni and into your own OpenSim running at home ?

Leave a comment if you’ve considered the possibilities of moving out of Agni, and your reasons for/against doing so.

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  1. Gwyneth.llewelyn@gwy says:

    I think one possible answer will be “because using OGP to teleport from your OpenSim at home into the Agni grid at LL will have a monthly fee that will not acceptable to most”…

    Mobile operators and ISPs have “peering agreements” to interconnect between their networks. The principle is simple: the less users/traffic you have, the more you pay for the privilege to carry traffic between your network and a Big Provider at the top of the pyramid. The more you’re closer to the top, the more users/traffic you’re carrying on your own servers, so the less interconnection costs. A similar model would work flawlessly well for Metaverse interconnection fees. At the beginning, Agni will be awesomely huge compared to every other gird popping out into existence, so that will be the most expensive one to connect to.

    There is also another answer, which is that people interested in socialising with others (or open a shop, or a club, etc.) will not be able to do that from home — they simply don’t have enough upstream bandwidth.

    However, I can definitely imagine people building, scripting, or creating clothes at home on their own OpenSim sims (closed to the public, except to a very small number or people, their closest friends) in comfort, away from griefers and lag issues, and pay a lower “interconnection fee” just for the privilege to upload their content to Agni. This arrangement will work quite well for most!

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