Retiring swslr project

So I’ve decided to retire the swslr project.

I’d like to thank Pyrii, Zai and Gwyn for the feedback they’ve given me on various aspects of the project, and I’d like to thank Ina for hosting the database the last several months!

There are a few reasons I’ve decided to retire the project- some of them are more obvious than others- with the global recession it’s hard to warrant maintaining a project that chews up so many resources (the project database has been disabled several times over it’s lifespan due to excessive resource usage), especially one that doesn’t generate any profit.

Some of the less obvious reasons: I think I’ve learned all I can from working on the project, and there’s not really much more I could do with the swslr project without making it suffer from kitchen-sink syndrome. I’ve not actively worked on the code since the end of last year (aside from any bug fixes that needed committing), so I’d rather not let the project stagnate. The recent changes in adult content would also require some jiggery-pokery in the backend (though not that much to be honest) in order to make sure everything is correctly marked up.

The swslr project was started to demonstrate how SL-centric data could be marked up semantically, and in this I feel I’ve succeeded, largely because (at the time of writing) search engines tend to list content on the swslr project higher than the same content on Linden Lab’s site.

As for what I’m going to work on next ? I’ve had something in mind that I’ve been working on a design for the last few weeks, and with the decision to retire the swslr project I’ll be able to dedicate more time to it.

To anyone out there who does make use of the project (and the related stuff like the region indexes), feel free to contact me if you’d like some tips on how to obtain the data to run a similar project yourself!

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7 Responses to Retiring swslr project

  1. I’m sorry to hear that, Marv, but I guess that there is really a limit — in resources, human and otherwise — that you really are able to commit to this project…

  2. Alpha Vargas says:

    Is there a mirror of the database somewhere? Or another searchable database of regions?

  3. Zai Lynch says:

    sad to read that :-S

    Especially since you made it look way nicer, recently…

  4. rob hare says:

    I was wondering if there is a format which an engineer can put drawings in second life.
    I would like to share engineering drawings in second life , but cannot find a format which will compress and use programs like AutoCad , rhino , sketchup
    Is anyone working on something this ?

  5. Not entirely sure what you mean by “engineering drawings”…

  6. slepywalk says:

    Hi:) maybe i am out of context.. but i like so much to contact you…ive seen what have happened:(… but i am with you!!
    Please answer me

    1. Nope
    2. If you’re up to the task, you can compile your own. Parse the amazon bucket to get the co-ordinates, then poke the LL map API to get the names. Getting the region owners is a little more complicated :-P

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