It’s not just that I’ve been working on recently, I’ve been doing geeky things for SLOpenID as well.

The post on the SLOpenID blog goes into a bit of detail on the low-complexity SL Maps API replacement for the official one, so I won’t go into too much about it here. I will say it’s worth checking out if you’re a bit frustrated with the complexity of the Linden Lab API.

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Summary of meetings regarding discontiuation of Help Request

The current state of Help Request

  • Live Help/Help Request has not scaled to meet the volume of Help Requests, nor the requests themselves.
  • Not changing with the times means that Help Request was becoming less and less helpful overall.
  • One of the problems with current support/help system is that it’s not targeting the people that need help the most
  • there have been an increasing number of innapropriate help calls like that….again…related to OI, interpersonal disputes, etc

The Ticketed Support System

  • Customer Support will be transitioning to a ticketed support system.
  • Help Request will not be running along side the ticketed system because of the way the new system has to be implemented it wasn’t possible-it would have meant pulling liaisons from the help channel completely, leaving you guys to bear the full load, which we didnt see as a fair alternative The liaisons who man HR now…need to train in the new system we don’t want to leave the system to decline until it collapses on the last few dedicated helpers
  • the new system is a way for people who need help the most to get it, not the last-come first-served method that help request can degrade into at times
  • There will be a gap of 3 to 5 weeks where there is neither Help Request nor the ticketed support system, but we should see Liaison specialists moving in to be available for serious issues at this point Help Request will be removed next wednesday Wednesday 18th April, 2007

SL Certification

  • Linden Lab are looking at creating SL Certification- Like becoming certified for things like Cisco Networking etc, we’d like people to be able to PROVE they know what they’re talking about in SL
    • Blue mentioned that he’d like the Volunteers to help define what certification entails- if you were to be asked if you passed the certification test, it would be cool for you to be able to say…pass it…I WROTE IT
    • the team working towards creating certification will be part of a larger goal towards providing education in SL

Volunteers and the Certification program

  • at this point certification is not related to the volunteer program
  • certification will be an option for residents who work in SL and want to prove their mettle….it’s not something we’re going to be requiring of volunteers, rather it’s something we would like to give volunteers an option to contribute to
  • the certification test would be given by a 3rd party company that specializes in certification, we will just be helping to define the test

Volunteers and Orientation Island

  • The new user experience currently results in roughly 10% retention
  • There are currently too many barriers to entry to find one’s place in their Second Life
  • A lot of Help Requests are things that should or could be answered during the Orientation process
  • Improving the Orientation Process means the newer Residents start off their Second Lives with a better education- getting to them earlier is more valuable to the people who need help the most
  • nobody is going to force anyone to camp the public OI/HI

Linden Lab Improvements

  • we have two teams that are moving into place to monitor the grid and respond to residents
    1. 24/7 replacement for the Grid Monkey position
    2. a Liaison team that coordinates with them and act as Early Responders they will also have 24/7 coverage. you will be able to contact them when there are replicators etc
  • The Liaison response team will be the lindens you can contact directly with issues, but I (Blue Linden) can’t talk with real authority on that as I didn’t work on that directly. I believe they (new Residents) are able to contact Liaison early responders directly
  • There will be 6 Lindens dedicated to the Volunteer program
  • we have 2 tech writers on staff now to help build out the knowledge base
  • expanding the volunteer program in ways that are proactive and produce cumulative effects makes more sense than continuing to try to address people one at a time, while we are quickly outnumbered
  • we are going to be requiring meeting attendance for volunteers….say one meeting every 3-4 months- nothing that will be restrictive to those of you who are regulars, but enough to sort out some of the people who just want the Mentors tag

Note from Marv: would be a good means of allowing Residents to access the self-help resources from within the Viewer.

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SL Metaphors – Webcomics

Your World, Your Imagination

Break Point City, episode 103-b.

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Ollie Kubrick, Automotive Research Center

  1. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:03] so, with that let’s get started

  2. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:03] Hello Znet

  3. Znetlady Isbell

    [10:03] Hi Ollie

  4. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:03] just as a brief intro

    [10:04] Welcome to this Kuurian Expedition meeting, and thanks all for coming

    [10:04] sorry we havent been having these as frequently as before, hopefully that will improve :)

    [10:04] but for today we have Ollie Kubrick

  5. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:04] Hi

  6. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:04] talking about his ideas and projects

    [10:05] and maybe leading us in a Ollieball Deathmatch

  7. Ollie Kubrick

    [10:05] hehe

  8. Poinky Malaprop

    [10:05] so.. take it away Ollie!

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I’m on ur Wii, postin on ur blog

Coding HTML with a Wiimote is a pain in the ass.

So I have a Wii now- had to go all the way through to Washington to get one, since a new store was opening there, and it was pretty much the only store in the north-east that had any Wiis in stock. I’ve made my Mii, my family have made theirs (except my mother made my sister’s Mii)

I’ve found that I kinda suck at Wii Tennis, and that my mother is a closet gaming addict :-p

Oh, and it’s my birthday tomorrow, hence why I’m spoiling myself with the Wii.


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Linden Lab Offices (San Francisco & Atlanta)

So I’m stumbling around the internet (Version 3.0.2 is still broke), when I come across a couple of photos of Linden Lab’s offices. One seems to be an old one (taken sometime during a grid outtage it seems), the other is of Linden Lab’s rather odd choice of location for their satellite office in Atlanta.

I’m not sure when the date of the first one is, but if you’re in Atlanta and want to say hi to some Lindens, a bit of googling turned up the address of their neighbours.

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re:Jenny Diski on ‘Second Life’

Jenny Diski

As far as I can understand it, Many Worlds Theory proposes that there are n zillion worlds like this one but marginally different, operating in parallel to the only world in which we think we exist.

We might each be living out all our possible lives, through all the variations of what we could possibly say or do, in an infinite number of worlds where everyone else is living out their variations, each at some weird angle to this one that my sorry, innumerate and spatially challenged brain is unable to comprehend. If this sounds like hell on earths to you then you probably haven’t signed up for Second Life.

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SL Metaphors – Stairs vs llSitTarget() teleporters

Overheard in the Office

Passenger #1: Don’t you wanna use the stairs for just one floor?

Passenger #2: Hmmm… I never know which one goes up and which one goes down.

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I’ve moved…. well, sort of.

If you bookmark this blog….

If you bookmark or subscribe to this blog, you’ll want to update thing to point to, although has everything redirected nicely, so nothing should break, it’ll just speed things up a tad.

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SL Metaphors – Webcomics

The GridMonkey

Sanity Check – Techno Day by Brenda and Paul Caughell.

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