Switching to Jekyll

So I've decided to migrate my blog from PHP/WordPress to Jekyll.

I’ve not updated my blog in quite a while, & thought it was better to start anew with a new design/blog platform as a learning experience. So this new design is Jekyll-based; I had tried to get a site working with Metalsmith but couldn’t get my head around it :s

Since this is a static site, I’ve decided to use Disqus to facilitate comments.

I’m also taking the rather lazy option of not migrating all the content at once- I’d like to fine-tune the markdown in my posts (rewriting code samples for example), and some of it I’m just not all that fussed about archiving. If anyone wants anything to jump ahead in the queue of what I migrate over, the 404 error page comments thread will be used to track requests.

If prompted, I may blog further about the process/decision of migrating away from PHP/WordPress-based sites.


After some difficulty getting the ftp server to behave last night, I’ve migrated the site over to github pages.

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