January to April 2023 Sponsors Update

General Updates

Satisfactory Community Highlights Archive

  • Completed the indexing of all Community Highlights segments from 2021
  • Started indexing the segments in the vault from 2022
  • Started ingesting 2023 segments into the vault
  • Started secret data annotation project
    • fleshed out data sets for secret data annotation project
    • added new feature for secret data annotation project
    • experimented with then abandoned a feature for the secret data annotation project
  • Added separate page for listing just the Content Creator Highlights
  • Added an Atom feed for content updates
  • Added year-by-year shortcuts to the index page

Satisfactory Clips Archive

  • Finally implemented a feature to track when the incorrect game was assigned to a clip after Jace pointed out YouTube didn't have a clue what it was talking about with automatic assignments.
  • Finally deprecated the video-clip-notes repository, the original location of the clips archives (not yet archived in case the deprecated needs to be rolled back)